SpartanLifeCoach 90 Day Fat Loss and Nutrition Challenge

Already Failing On Your News Years Resolution Fat Loss Goals?

(Get Back On Track Now!)

Of all the addictions I've ever had in my life, I think food has to be the one I've struggled with the most. It's a weird thing to be addicted to food. If one decides to terminate another addiction, to stop taking cocaine for a more extreme example of a behaviour that is the same in principle (coping mechanism for painful emotions), its not like you still have to take just a small amount of it 4 times a day to not day and its also not likely that your Grandma will push it on you in large quantities.

Not Impossible but not Likely.

Food however is everywhere. It's cheap, its plentiful, it functions as a kind of social glue, you HAVE to have it every day and... it works.

Over- eating high calorie, low nutrition foods, does indeed, temporarily calm the effects of anxiety and mediate the symptoms of depression.

So if you combine social pressure with availability and couple that with the necessity of eating with the fact that food does have some anaesthetic qualities that numb the effects of cptsd and other mental health issues and you have a pretty big challenge to face in losing weight.

And, as we all know, its very hard to lose weight/burn fat without reducing the QUANTITY and increasing the QUALITY of the food we are eating.

So how do we approach this challenge?

Well firstly:

1. We need long term solutions. Short term solutions have been proven time and again the research to cause rebound effects in which if you cycle through them enough times will cause you to gain weight.


2. We need a solution that effects our whole lifestyle. An hour of hard work in the gym is not going to undo 2 days of impulsive eating. A week of discipline is not going to undo 2 months of diet led by emotional dysregulation.


3. That solution needs to be fun and easy. We can endure pain. Sure. For a time. But eventually, will power, like fuel, runs out. If its not fun and easy you wont do it, its as simple as that.

Enter the power of modern technology!

One of the great things about everyone having smart phones and the internet being so widely available nowadays is it is way easier now than at any other time to connect with people we otherwise wouldnt connect with, regardless of geographical location or different time zones.

Carry your personal trainer in your pocket.

This is my friend Danny. Ive known Danny through the martial arts for 20 years. In the time Ive known him he has gone on to become a competitive bodybuilder and an elite personal trainer. He is obsessive about diet and exercise as I am about psychology. If he hasn't got a solution for the particular issues you face, like me, he will go out and find one or make one from scratch.

Check out this video of Danny talking about what he is offering to help people get a head start on their new years resolutions by starting a new training regime early. All with the ease and convenience of personal one to one training through your smart phone.

Join the accountability group with me.

What I've found over the years is that setting goals can work really well if they are specific, manageable, push you outside your comfort zone without breaking you, are inspiring and get you a result you really want.

All the psychology research backs the following two factors as also being hugely important in the succesful achievement of a goal:

1. Support

2. Accountability

What I have organised is for 10 of us to have access to a private group on facebook in which we can share our goals, progress and challenges, all under the watchful eye of our online personal trainer and nutrition coach Danny.

Everyone will state a goal (with his guidance, nothing too extreme) of weight loss to be completed inside of 90 days.

You must sign up for this group before the 9th Febuary. That way everyone doing the challenge can meet each other state their goal within the closed Facebook group.

We will then end the challenge within exactly 90 days.

The top 3 people who do the best job of tracking their calories (all done via your smart phone) and of completing the workouts and of hitting their goals, as judged by our trainer, Danny, at the end of the 3 months will get a free one hour coaching session with me!

If you, like me, have struggled over the years with emotional eating and weight fluctuations and really sick of it and are ready to commit to a challenge to get healthier and stronger and eat more sensibly (ahem, like an adult? 😉  ) ...

Then Join Me for this challenge. It's a commitment, it's scary, but I think it's going to be a lot of fun too.